Project Runway in Retrospect

Photo take from

Photo take from

On the patio of a modest house located in Athens, OH, I had a tête-à-tête with the lovely Angela Keslar. You may recognize that name from season 3 of “Project Runway” as she was a contestant who got booted towards the end of the season. PR fans may also remember her especially from the conflicting relationship with the season’s winner Jeffrey Sebelia, duly exposed in the episode where each contestant had to doll up the mother of his or her competitor.

On the other hand, she’s also a small town girl who lived just miles away from my humble abode. She encompasses a small town girl with a love for the big city,  yet no sharp identity to either juxtapositions.

No signs of distress and agitation marked her face; in fact she was glowing like the white sands of Clearwater, Florida. Looking simple yet striking in a cotton tee and jeans, Angela and I had a pleasant conversation over a glass of raw cranberry juice just days before her appearance for a style contest at Ohio University – which I had to write about the following night. I closed the interview with a question that apparently no one has bothered to ask, “When you did your first challenge, did you feel that you were completely over your head?”

The answer: just about everything that falls under the latter description. Here’s an exclusive scoop that the cameras were unable to glean:

That’s a good question – no one has ever asked me that. On the very first challenge, I was blank. Actually on the DVD they just put out in extended footage, they actually had me saying this: “I was like, ‘I forget how to sew!!’” I was completely blank. I was thinking,“God, please don’t let me get kicked off. PLEASE do not let me get kicked off of the first challenge.” I had no idea how I was going to get through this. And I mean up until the last, I would say, four or five hours, I had NO idea what I was going to do the whole entire day. I was playing around, fluxing around, while everyone was sewing, draping, etc. I just felt like at a complete lost. It was like a deer caught in headlines.

After that first challenge, the block disappeared and everything I knew clicked back in. But that was such an interesting sensation to feel so disconnected and unfamiliar to something I loved so much, but it was about being shocked. They flew us to NY, they put us in the Atlas apartment – you’re in this completely new environment, being filmed nonetheless. One day your life is like this, and the next thing you’re like this. It took me a couple days to get into the groove.

I remember when I threw together the leather skirt for the first challenge, I didn’t know how to put zippers in so I was screaming, “Oh my God, I don’t know how to do this!” And my friend was like, “Well first of all, use hot glue gun to do the seams and then just pin it. And I was like, “What?!” He was like, “Trust me the judges aren’t going to see through.” There was a lot of safety pinning going on, a lot of glue gunning. You weren’t selling these stuff in stores… well eventually it did get auctioned off. But the judges don’t really question this unless it’s obvious. Now if they could tell, you could get kicked off depending on their mood, or get ratted out. What did we call it? Being “Lambasted,” for sure.


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