Chic remedy: good finds at the thrift store

C'est parfait!

C'est parfait

The shoes shown through the “fantastic” lens of my Toshiba laptop’s webcam were purchased for a mere $1.25 at a local thrift store. I can’t believe ANYONE would want to chuck these beauties but whatever, I’m a proud owner and I couldn’t be happier. Like any good thrift find it’ll need some gentle cleaning. I also found a pair of Cole Haan knee-length boots and some fantastic 80s era chain jewelry. Who knew that a thrift store in a middle-of-nowhere college town  would house some fashionable pieces?

Living in Athens for almost my whole life has influenced my bittersweet attitude towards the return of OU students for the ’09-’10 school year. Granted, I am a student myself, but the drunk hollars and sudden human infestation on the streets mean that summer is officially over and that in t-minus six days I will be a junior college student trying to survive the daily grind. Junior year also means I need to tighten my boots and focus on what’s beyond college: internships, interview preps, networking, etc. But what I’m truly excited about – and on the positive flip side – is the opportunity to be a fashion/beauty writer for I’ll post preview articles on this blog for my readers to check out.

Stay fabulous and rebellious, my friends.

Disregard my 1:30 a.m.  jammies attire and the two-days-without-a-shower look.


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