The ‘childhood’ around my neck.

Photo from

Photo from

It might just be me – or so it seems like it – but “Where the Wild Things Are” wasn’t a milestone in my childhood.

Nope, it was the near-infinite amount of episodes of the Sailor Moon series on Cartoon Network (and later online when I found out Cartoon Network censored the subject content of the original storyline), as well as my stellar Pokemon card collection. Might I also boast about the hologram Charizard card I owned, then proclaimed the rarest card you can obtain for your collection? I was a crazed Otaku back in the day.

Since the release of the trailer for the children book-turned-movie directed by the sizzling Spike Jonze, I swear I heard everyone and their dogs proclaim that this book defines their childhood. I’m sure it’s true, but I”m sure others are blindly jumping on the bandwagon parading the same thing. Maybe it’s an American thing.

Anyhoo, the director recently collaborated on a jewelry line with Opening Ceremony in homage of his upcoming film and the results are as beautiful and detailed as the film’s cinematography. I’m personally bananas over the necklace I posted above, which I find to be more of a timeless piece than some quirky novelty with a life-span of two (fashion) seasons.

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about this piece.

Source with interview.


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