Leather skin, poof du jour, making me go *whistle*

Source: NYMag.com

Source: NYMag.com

The haus of Gaga has taken over the cover and spreads of V magazine’s September issue and what better way to celebrate than marvel over the fantastic plastic goggles you can rip off and stick to your face for an euphoric night out!

The twin across the Pacific, the Yamamba girl.

The twin across the Pacific, the Yamamba girl.

Other than that clever perk to this well-awaited issue, the additional factor that had my eyeballs turning backwards and scooting through my mind is the wonder of what influenced the cover shoot and the spread. The decadent, frills-infested Studio 54 era is one idea; mixing that with the skin-sighted tendencies of Yamamba (or Ganguro) girls in the Shibuya district of Tokyo seems to sum up my guess perfectly with a twist of a bow.

Jokes aside, the spread for this issue has showcased a more tamer, not-so-heart-wrenching outfit choices for one to thumb through — well, except for the groomed poodle inspiration on this one, but for a magazine spread and the sake of art I’ll accept. I’ll just cross my lucky stars for fear of it transferring to the streets of Milan. Knowing Gaga, she’ll most likely prove me wrong.

This issue hits newsstands September 1st.



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