Earache unveils album art for Municipal Waste’s fourth release

Massive Aggressive album art. Photo provided by Earache

"Massive Aggressive" album art. Photo provided by Earache

After taking a nice, appreciative look at this cover, I came to a conclusion that the decaying countenance of the cover’s subject is the infamous Eddie in his recent stage of dissolvance: longer hair, upper mouth and nose completely dissolved, several layers of muscle tissues remain in tact, etc.

I wonder if that was intentional on cover artist Andrei Bouzikov’s part. In a press release from Earache, Tony Foresta mentioned the designing process, in which the direction of the album art laid parallel to the musical “change” in direction:

“We knew we wanted to stray away from the traditional painted covers that so many new ‘Thrash’ bands seemed to be doing since Hazardous Mutations came out.”

If Iron Maiden was on their mind and their music — and I’m not confirming that it is — then it clearly shows on the cover. Nevertheless, I do want to applaud the back-to-basic, raw sketching detail embellished on the subject and its victims. It’s certainly not Photoshop art, and I find that refreshing and respectable for a band in their position.

Municipal Waste’s fourth full-length “Massive Aggressive” is set to come out August 25th. They’ll be rocking Europe later this month, but will conquer LA with Trap Them before taking off.

Source: Earache


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