Unintentional day-long haitus

Sorry for the recent lack of content in this blog. Yesterday I went to Akron, OH to interview The Academy Is… for Speakeasymag.com – and even watched their sold-out show on the sideline, along with Evan Taubenfeld and Chicago’s Empires. I recorded TAI’s acoustic performance of  “About A Girl” but unfortunately captured part of the set due to the fact that my battery died! Curses! I will post the video tomorrow.

Second, spring quarter at Ohio Univesity is already a frenzy. It’s ACRN week right now because the college radio station turned 38 this year so we’re celebrating like crazy. I’m a crazy nerd, but it’s going be a challenge balancing all this fun and grades.

Third, here’s a quick news feed of recent musical events. Fashion news will be updated tomorrow (hopefully). If anyone would like to co-run this with me, a.k.a. contribute content, send a letter of request via pidgeon carrier and I will be delighted and add you to the site! Well, there’s more to this than that, but you know what I mean.



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