The Devil’s reallocated and “locked”

It looks like the world of fashion is going to make a transistion from the Little Richard pompadour- showcased in the Spring 2009 Max Mara fashion show – to the “devil lock” popularized by The Misfits.

In the Fall 2009 RTW show, Marc seems to have had a team of hair stylists reinvent this look with many additions and alterations: the asymmetrical devil lock with the asymetrical chignon (as exemplified by Jessica Stam), a crimpped and “mohawked” devil lock and a much feathered rendition that resembles a black rooster burrowing into its own warmth.

Often the downside to a devil lock is that it aligns above the T-zone of the face. Young boys and girls enjoying “Walk Among Us” will, most likely, also enjoy the pains of acne, and this ‘do is anything but helpful to that. Because it requires handfuls of hair wax to keep it in place, those with pores large enough to fit balls of caviar will have that wax clogging their skin and eventually discover a colony of zits confined in the T-zone.

But now 2009 is here and it’s here to be practical. Simply shift that devil lock to the side or let it hang above you like a lamp with tassels. (Why didn’t we think of that?!)  Instead of ‘turning into an [adolescent] martian’, proudly yell, “Whoa-oh, no more clogged pore-ohs” (a bit of a stretch) into the mirror and don’t forget to decor your face with the Duran Duran face palette – to keep you from looking too androgynous.

Maybe this will be the new beehive. Style it on Friday and wear it for a weekend or even more, just pick out the bugs and twigs that would nest in your hair.

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  1. Branka

    The devillock can cause acne but it can simultaneously cover it up! What a deal! I’m gonna start doing that.

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