MTV: now 1/4 music channel, still full of reality shows

Do you want your MTV?

Do you want your MTV?

MTV has recently announced in the New York Times and that starting this coming Monday, the channel will consist of 25% music videos from Monday to Thursday. But instead of being able to enjoy this feature after a day’s work or an exhausting two hours of Statistics class, you have to be awake and on MTV between 3 a.m. to 9p.m.

In the article, Stephen Friedman, the general manager of MTV, says that this change will “create more sampling oppertunities” for viewers.

Friedman also talks about how MTV is bringing back “Unplugged”, which since 1989, previously included acoustic acts from Kiss, Bob Dylan and many more. This will be a four minute version that will follow up whatever prime-time show is on-air, but the full session will be on the channel’s website – which will be announced after the aired version.

So for those of you who crave to see T-Pain rollercoaster through his belly in the “Can’t Believe It” music video, you’re going to have to either suffer from insomnia or sacrifice “The Today Show”.

Or you can watch it on…

See more information and full article on the NY Time’s website.


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